Friday, November 6, 2015

The Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2015 experience

This year I didn't miss the occasion to travel to Seattle for my first MVP Global Summit. It was a blast, especially for the people that I met and with whom I spent four unforgettable days. Here's a few pictures with new friends and Microsoft legends that I am pleased to share:

@ Microsoft

MVP Global Summit

Microsoft logo with our badges!
Hal, Tobias, Jeffery and Adam, all in a picture!
With Jeffrey Snover, the inventor of Powershell!
Me with François-Xavier Cat, Lee Holmes and Aleksandar Nikolic... can you believe that?
Me and Mark Minasi, again, can you believe that?

Four smart people trying to fit in a frame
With Luc Dekens, Stéphane Van Gulick, Fabien Dibot and Chrissy LeMaire to taste Belgian beer
Discussing containers!

Lazywinadmin, HappySysadmin & FoxDeploy smiling for a selfie!

See you all next year, I hope!
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