Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just another Powershell enthusiast,

Since we are all great Powershell enthusiasts, I have decided to start a brand new movement. Just like the Obfuscated Perl Contest derived from the Obfuscated C Contest, I am setting up a new fashion for signatures that follows what Merlyn did back in the 80s with its JAPH (which I discussed thoroughly in this previous post about primes).

This is my first JAPE signature:

O{10} {11}E{12}T{13}N{14} {15}S{16}J" -f 'T!A$S!H$N! $L!H$R
RemoveEmptyEntries),'.','RightToLeft')|%{$_.value}) -join''

The challenge: if you feel like testing your Obfuscated Powershell skills, and you can come up with nice JAPEs for your signatures that you want to share, just send it to me in a comment or by e-mail or on the website.

If your JAPE has enough obfuscation to be funny, I will add it to the JAPE Hall of Fame, which is a web page I have added to my blog and that you can find here, as well as on the aforementioned page at
Have fun.

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