Monday, February 23, 2015

PowerShell Summit Europe 2015

Good news for Powershell scripters around Europe is that the second edition of the European Summit is being set up by This year the event will be held in Sweden, at the Microsoft office in Kista, on September 14-16 2015.

So, starting on Febrary 27th, you are all invited to register and for a reason. The European Powershell Summit is a unique occasion to get in touch with people from the Powershell Team, as well as with well-known Powershell MVPs, and you are given the possiblity to make new connections, learn the secrets of the language and have some fun with other passionate system administrators and developers alike.
You must know that the event will be confirmed if and only if 20 to 30 people get registered by mid-April, so, without further ado, go to and start checking the registration policy.
Make your voice heard. Show the world that the European Powershell Community is a vibrant place with smart people that are happy to have such an occasion to meet up with the elite of the Powershell world. Use Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social network you like to spread the word.
And I'll probably see you there!
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