Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Powershell MVP, once again!

I am so honored to say that I have received the Microsoft MVP award for the second year following my contributions to the Powershell Community and on this very same blog.
It's definitively been a long year, full of intense moments, like in February when I spoke on Powershell in front of several hundreds of people during the Techdays in Paris with my friend Fabien Dibot and for the first time I met the MVP project coordinators Martine and Marjorie.
Or like when I took part in coaching the competing teams during the 2014 Powershell Winter Scripting Games and came to work with brilliant people like Mike F Robbins, Boe Prox, Emin Atac, Jeff Wouters and Jan Egil Ring, just to mention a few.
It's always nice to see that the effort I make to publish good content have once again been noticed and that the Community appreciate them. I will do my best to improve content quality up to the highest standards, so stay tuned for more on Powershell and System Administration!

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