Thursday, January 23, 2014

Passed exam 74-409 on Server Virtualization with Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2

Today I took my first exam of the year on Microsoft Server Virtualization and succeeded in getting a quite good score (942/1000). This earned me the certification "Microsoft Certified Specialist: Server Virtualization with Hyper-V and System Center".

My thoughts:
  • The exam itself was not too difficult: if you have at least some hands-on experience with the Microsoft System Center suite and if you already are (like me) a VMWare Certified Professional (VCP), you'll see that having a strong knowledge of all that virtualization is about helps a lot. As Brad Anderson explained on his blog last October, there is an increasing demand for Hyper-V experts, and being comfortable with Microsoft and VMWare platforms can boost your career.
  • I have learned a lot from the labs I made to prepare this exam, since the exam comes up with a lot of real life situations. Labs, labs, labs!
  • I am very happy to see so many Powershell questions on this exam, which confirms (if you didn't know) that my favorite administration language has become a central block of the whole Microsoft strategy
  • There are a few tricks in the wordings, and you may be miss-directed to points that are not essential to the question being asked, so be careful
  • The 2-days show by Symon (@SymonPerriman) and Cory (@holsystems) on MVA is your best bet to success, since they cover most of the exam topics
  • There is a virtual lab for the exam on technet
  • Last but not least, Bjorn Houben has collected lots (all of them?) of resources on his blog. Check it out!

Good luck to everybody sitting this exam in the future!


  1. Felicitation mec !!! Awesome!!! What's next ? :-)

    1. Merci FX! So glad to have passed this exam, I was stuck with VCP for too long ;-)
      Next February I'll be speaking of Powershell at the Techdays in Paris, so I am under pressure!
      Are you having fun with the Scripting Games?

    2. Huhu! Awesome to talk at Technet! Great Achievement :-)

      Yep the Scripting Games are fun, but I got a lot of work with my job right now so it's hard to put all the time i want in it.

      The Event 1 looked easy at first... but really not the case :-)

  2. great prep talk!!.. I too passed the exam yesterday with a 850 score..

  3. Hi,

    Congrats on the cert. I have a question. is building a lab for this certification a must? if so... what would be the easiest way to do it?

    thanks fot your time :D

    1. Definitively spend some time on labs (there are for free at and if you have prior VMWare experience it will help.
      If you want to build a lab, find any recent computer, add as many gigs of RAM as you can afford and use VMWare workstation to run your virtual machines.

    2. Another great options is to use Windows Azure, the Microsoft Public Cloud, which is free for one month. There you can run a few VMs. I am a great fan of this option because it's easily configured and very powerful.

      There are three types of Windows VMs: 2008R2, 2012 and 2012R2, so plenty of options.

  4. Thanks Carlo. I have just one more question, in some part of your answer you say "and use VMWare workstation".... you mean I can install Hyper-v inside vmware workstation? and in this way have my own lab in my laptop?.. thanks . (by the way my laptop is a last gen i7 16 gig rams) .

  5. Thanks, Carlo! I passed my 74-409 today. Exam was hard for me, although I've been in the IT field since 1996. Thanks for the advice.


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