Thursday, July 25, 2013

Peter Kriegel talks about the German Powershell Community

In my last post I wrote a quick introduction on the Powershell community. Today Guest Blogger Peter Kriegel talks about the German Powershell Community, which is actually one of the most thriving and cooperative out there. Ok, Peter, tell us about the peculiarities and leading voices of the German Powershell Community!

"Compared to the Americans or other Europeans people you mentioned in your previous post, Germans are having a different more reserved social behavior on the Internet. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the most used but, still, many don’t have social accounts yet! We go more the traditional ways, with Forums, Blogs and E-Mail. If you have a Blog don’t think that you get comments ;-))

Jeffrey Snover himself says about the German PowerShell MVP Dr. Tobias Weltner "He is the most seen PowerShell MVP ", "A super star". I agree 100% ! I had the honor to meet him on the first PowerShell community conference this year. That was 3 fantastic PowerShell Days!  Tobias is a very kind person and burns for the community. He has written several German PowerShell books which are top sellers! He was the inventor and involved in the development of the Free PowerShell IDE PowerShell Plus from Idera. He has written a Public free PowerShell book and is the owner of There he plan to build up our new north German community Portal. Tobias has an English speaking Blog and now has joined PowerShell Magazine. You can follow Tobias on Twitter: @TobiasPSP

In the south of Germany (Bavarin / Munich) PowerShell MVP Rolf Masuch has built a PowerShell community with a Forum and a Page on Facebook. But since a site relaunch, it is a bit quiet over there. Rolf tries constantly to get the German speaking countries like Switzerland and Austria on board. What's more, Rolf and his friends arrange a PowerShell community conference at Munich every year. Rolf now is no more a MVP because he is now a Microsoft employee, but his PowerShell knowledge is untouched ;-) Rolf is offering PowerShell Videos at "Video to Brain". You can follow Rolf Masuch on Twitter: @PS_Rolf

The best German PowerShell book writer is Dr. Holger Schwichtenberg: he is a MVP on ASP.NET and .NET Framework. He has organized the first PowerShell community conference together with his friend Dr. Tobias Welter and his company IT-Visions. Holger is a very kind person. It looks like Holger has no social account because he is a very busy person.

Another leading member of the German Powershell Community is Peter Monadjemi who has also written PowerShell books (PowerShell Crash Course) and has spoken at the PowerShell community conference. He is a very kind buddy like Balu the bear ;-). Peter has a Blog and you can follow him on Twitter: @pemo09

If you go on the German TechNet PowerShell Forum, you can meet the German PowerShell MVP Denniver Reining. Denniver develops tools for PowerGUI (snippet manager). Denniver has an English speaking Blog.

Now a few words about me: my name is Peter Kriegel and I am a Sysadmin and PowerShell enthusiast. I have a technical blog. You can find me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter @PeterKriegel On these channels I don’t do private posts! I only repost hand selected PowerShell articles from other people blogs related to PowerShell core topics (no SQL, no Hyper-V no Sharepoint or Exchange pure PowerShell core topics): you can take it as a PowerShell news channel. Currently I am recording a full-blown 21 hours PowerShell basic tutorial on Youtube. I like video recording more than (bad) writing ;-) I am also a Microsoft community contributor (MCC) on the German TechNet PowerShell Forum."

Thanks Peter for this interesting overview. I will follow you on your Twitter account. If anybody else want to write a guest post describing his local Powershell Community, you are most welcome! At the same time don't forget that Powershell Golf is still under run and that you can play with us, and that Don Jones is organising the first European Powershell Summit next year and is waiting for your advice on the location.

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