Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New parameters in Powershell v4

I have just finished installing my first Windows 2012 R2 Preview and rushed to see what modifications those smart guys have made to Powershell cmdlets and parameters. In fact, as you may have already heard, the last version of Redmond's operating system comes with Powershell V4 (and a new fish as loader logo):

New Windows 2012 R2 preview logo

Powershell v4!!!
To find out the new parameters in v4, I recycled this good old script by Shay Levi and modified a couple of variables to match a compare between v3 and v4 instead of a compare between v2 and v3.

The result I got show that a PipelineVariable has been added to most of the cmdlets. And the following new parameters have been added too:

Get-Module (!)
FullyQualifiedName (+)

Get-Process (!)
IncludeUserName (+)

Get-PSSessionConfiguration (!)
Force (+)

Remove-Computer (!)
Workgroup (-)
WorkgroupName (+)

Write-Output (!)
NoEnumerate (+)

Unfortunately the help articles on Technet haven't been updated yet, so a little bit of investigation must be done before understanding how to properly use some of those parameters, such as FullyQualifiedName or NotEnumerate. Some others are more straightforward (such has the new excellent parameter IncludeUserName for Get-Process).

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