Monday, April 22, 2013

New Powershell 3.0 params for Get-ChildItem and Test-Path

Regarding Powershell 3.0 new parameters, today I want to talk about something pretty new and interesting that some of you may yet not to be aware of and that could be useful for your administration tasks. The parameters I am referring to are:
  • File
  • Directory
  • Newerthan
  • Olderthan
The first two parameters are new to Get-Childitem cmdlet and are used to return either the files or the folder in a specific path. They replace the check on PSIsContainer to determine if an object is a folder or a file. Let's see an example of each:
PS C:\>  Get-Childitem c:\windows -File

    Directory: C:\windows

Mode   LastWriteTime            Length Name
----   -------------            ------ ----
-a---  26/07/2012     05:08      75264 bfsvc.exe
-a--s  19/04/2013     16:27      67584 bootstat.dat
-a---  16/03/2013     16:34       1720 DtcInstall.log
-a---  26/07/2012     06:49    2380440 explorer.exe
-a---  26/07/2012     05:08     883712 HelpPane.exe
-a---  26/07/2012     05:08      17408 hh.exe
-a---  25/07/2012     22:37      43131 mib.bin
-a---  19/04/2013     16:24       4626 PFRO.log
-a---  26/07/2012     05:08     159232 regedit.exe
-a---  25/07/2012     22:15      27120 ServerWeb.xml
-a---  16/03/2013     16:34      12813 setupact.log
-a---  26/07/2012     09:13          0 setuperr.log
-a---  26/07/2012     05:08     126464 splwow64.exe
-a---  26/07/2012     07:26        219 system.ini
-a---  26/07/2012     09:21       1585 vmgcoinstall.log
-a---  26/07/2012     07:26         92 win.ini
-a---  26/07/2012     05:21      10752 winhlp32.exe
-a---  26/07/2012     05:08      10752 write.exe

PS C:\> Get-Childitem c:\windows\logs\* -Directory

    Directory: C:\windows\logs

Mode   LastWriteTime     Length Name
----   -------------     ------ ----
d----  26/07/2012     10:04            BPA
d----  16/03/2013     16:36            CBS
d----  16/03/2013     16:48            DISM
d---s  26/07/2012     10:04            MeasuredBoot
The third and fourth parameters are new to the Test-Path cmdlet and are used to check whether a given path is older or newer than a specific DateTime object. They have been added to replace the check on the LastWriteTime property, which was far too laborious.
PS C:\> Test-Path -Path c:\windows\logs -NewerThan "April 01, 2013 10:00 PM"
As you can see the resulting output is either True or False, depending on the result of the comparison. So, if we change -Newerthan into -Olderthan for the same folder we get True:
PS C:\> Test-Path -Path c:\windows\logs -OlderThan "April 01, 2013 10:00 PM"
Now you might be wondering why I present the parameters for two different cmdlets in the same post. Well, this is because you can make use of both together to find all the files older than a given date (i.e. in order to archive them or to delete them, this is up to you).

Here's a sample one-liner that can be used to find all the files older than 5 years in two file paths:
PS C:\> 'd:\IISlogs','h:\application_logs' | Get-ChildItem -File -Recurse -Force | ? { Test-Path -Path $_.FullName -OlderThan (Get-Date).AddYears(-5) }
I hope you will find this post useful and that you are getting used to the new Powershell 3.0 syntax. Keep in mind that this is a generic one-liner that has to be customised upon your needs. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment.

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