Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My first ReFS partition on a Windows 2012 server

Ok, maybe this is not of great importance, but I am a little bit excited today because I just had the occasion to format my first ReFS partition on a Windows 2012 server.

Here's the Powershell command I use to list my partitions:

PS C:\> get-wmiobject -class "Win32_LogicalDisk" -namespace "root\CIMV2"  |  select caption, filesystem, size, freespace

caption  filesystem  size         freespace
-------  ----------  ----         ---------
C:       NTFS        42580570112  30284148736
D:       UDF         3695179776   0
E:       ReFS        10670309376  10518462464
F:       ReFS        11744051200  11590959104

Actually I formatted two ReFS partitions, one on a MBR volume, and the other on a GPT volume. Both worked.

Also, I just want to make clear that, for the moment, you cannot install Windows 2012 on a ReFS partition. Just secondary partitions can be formatted with this standard.

1 comment:

  1. A better version:

    gwmi "Win32_LogicalDisk" -namespace "root\CIMV2" | select caption, filesystem,@{expression={$_.size/1mb};label="Size"}, @{expression={$_.freespace/1mb};label="Free"},@{Expression={($_.size - $_.freespace)/1MB};label="Used"} | ft


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