Wednesday, September 12, 2012

vSphere Web Client stuck on loading

These days are full of odd findings. After discovering yesterday that Windows 7 and Windows 8 don't save the memory dump onto the disk if the available space is less than 25GB, I thought that I had reached my quota of bad news for this week. And I was wrong.

What I have discovered today is that, under vSphere 5, any Virtual Center user with limited privileges must belong to a generic read-only group at Virtual Center level to see the inventory through the Web Client. This has changed from version 4.1, where such an explicit permission needed not to be declared.

In fact, under vSphere 5, if a user with limited privileges logs into Virtual Center from the software client he will be able to see the inventory, but when passing from the Web Client the web interface (be it Internet Explorer or Firefox) will be stuck on 'Loading...' forever.

So, for the solution, just add a read-only permission for the problematic user/group at the root of the impacted Virtual Center. No need to force propagation, it will work straight away.


  1. Thanks a lot! This solved my problem and makes it easier to give users access to only their machines without downloading the thick client now.


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