Monday, September 17, 2012

Today's notes from the field...

Just a quick post to share what I have found today during my administration activities. First I have discovered that the debugging parameters nfs.lockdisable which sometimes I used to set to 1 has been removed starting from ESX 4.0 (as mentioned here).
nfs.lockdisable option as it was under ESX 3.5
The second discovery of the day is more or less a Powershell bug. When I use the test-connection cmdlet against some hosts it becomes pretty slow, even if I pass the IP address. Powershell sends out no more than 1 WMI ping each 10 seconds. I am still investigating this issue. My finding for the moment is that
  • it is no DNS issue,
  • it is not an authentication issue,
  • sometimes it works well with hosts in another domain and sometimes it does not,
  • sometimes it works with unix hosts, sometimes it does not
  • sometimes it fails with Windows hosts...
  • the issue stands the same under Powershell 2 and Powershell 3...
If any reader has the same problem or an idea on how to solve this second issue, please let me know! I am open for comments.


  1. UPDATE: if I use measure-command to count the number of seconds test-connection takes to ping I get a super fast answer:

    PS C:\> (measure-command {Test-Connection x.x.x.x -count 1 -quiet}).totalseconds

    ... which is near to 0 seconds.

    Also if I use the -quiet parameter the answer code (TRUE) is showed immediately.

    But if I don't use -quiet nor measure-command it becomes painfully slow, like if Powershell needed 10 seconds to draw the results table...

    Strange. I'll keep posted if I find something. Do not hesitate to share your results please.

  2. Also using the old WMI query gave immediate results:

    gwmi -query ('select statuscode from win32_pingstatus where address="x.x.x.x"')

    I must be missing something.


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