Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing memory dump under Windows 7 after BSOD

Windows 7 has sometimes a pretty strange behavior. I am trying to solve a recurrent KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED problem on one of my Windows 7 boxes and discovered that, though properly configured, there is no memory.dmp file under c:\windows. Pretty strange and shocking, right? Investigating the absence of this file after a BSOD, I found out that if the problematic box isn't on a domain, and has less than 25GB free space, then Windows 7 won't keep a crash dump file.

Luckily, a new registry value has been added that will override this odd behavior and always cause the crash dump file to be generated: set HKLM\System\CCS\Control\CrashControl\AlwaysKeepMemoryDump DWORD value to 1 and you will have a memory.dmp file under your Windows root folder (if there's enough disk space).

As a side note, if you are debugging a BSOD and you can't find this memory.dmp file, try to check under c:\windows\minidump: there you may find a short version of the missing memory dump. My suggestion is to use BlueScreenView to analyze them. This tool will in fact highlight the faulting driver straight away.

Bluescreenview screenshot
That's all for this technical note. Now I am trying to guess why someone at MS decided to implement this new behavior. I think it should probably be due to the fact that under Windows XP people had often been complaining about memory dumps filling their hard drives. So I may agree with MS about this choice. Also, as far I have understood, a memory dump is always kept in case the BSOD appears on a Windows Server version. And this is reassuring.

Windows 8 appears to behave the same (as stated here).

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