Monday, June 18, 2012


The Internet has definitively changed since its inception. The technology behind the curtains is evolving constantly and its spread is nowadays global. Cloud computing is the next level of this evolution and the big actors of the IT market know it well. At VMware (which still owns the role of the giant in the virtualization market) people are according more and more importance to the need of delivering certifications for cloud professionals. This is the reason why, according to the official VMware Education and Certification Blog, they are about to launch a new certification program: VCP5-IaaS (acronym for VMware Certified Professional 5 – Infrastructure as a Service).

Currently there is a beta-exam out there but you need to be explicitly invited to it to have a chance to get certified. It looks like this beta exam currently consists of 115 questions. As for other VMware exams there is a pre-exam survey consisting of 8 questions, but the answers you give to them has no impact on your final score. The passing score for this exam is 300.

If you'd like to become a candidate for this VCP5-IaaS certification, know that you should be comfortable with tasks such as install and configure vCloud Director (vCD) and its related components, utilize vCD to create and manage vApps and Service Catalogs. Candidates should also be able of managing cloud enabled storage providers and networking.

To get ready for the exam a four-days long preparation course exists: "VMware vCloud: Deploy and Manage the VMware Cloud (v 1.5)".

At the end of this course, you will be able of:
  • Explain the function of vCloud Director components
  • Install and manage vCloud Director
  • Configure VMware vSphere storage and networking
  • Configure and manage vApps and catalogs
  • Connect organizations with VPN tunnels and static routes
  • Link vCloud Director to LDAP (such as Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers) and understand single sign-on
  • Manage security with VMware vShield Edgefirewalls
  • Use VMware vCenter Chargeback to meter vCloud Director resources
  • Understand the interactions between VMware vSphere Distributed Resources Scheduler clusters and vCloud Director.
If you want to attend a class for this course, then check out the VMware website.

If you are interested in passing the exam and in becoming a VCP-Iaas but you haven't been invited, then subscribe to this link and VMware will let you know when the certification will be publicly released.

If you are still asking yourself what "Inrastructure a s a Service (IaaS)" is and in what way you can benefit from it, then I deeply suggest checking out Microsoft website (oh yes...) at this link, where Keith Combs will drill into the characteristics of the Cloud.

Also check the NIST definition of Cloud computing here.

Stay tuned for more information on this subject!

UPDATE June, 25 2012: Read Tomi Hakala VCP5-Iaas beta exam experience here at

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  1. I am a VCP3, VCP4 & now a VCP5. I prepared for the VCAP-DCA on v4 for 3 months after which vSphere 5 got released. Phew :) Now I am thinking whether to go with VCAP-DCA 4 or wait for VCAP-DCA 5.


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