Friday, April 27, 2012

How to install MS-DOS 6.22 under VMWare ESX part 3

Here comes another post concerning the configuration of a MS-DOS virtual machine in a VMWare ESX environment. In the first two post I explained how to install the VM and how to idle the CPU. In this post I will detail the steps to configure a cd-rom and set-up a mouse.

Let's start with configuring the cd-rom. Click on this link and download the iso file containing the drivers you are going to need.

The iso image contains:
  • DOSIdle tool 
  • Microsoft Network Client 3.0 
  • Network card driver for AMD PCNET cards (NDIS2/NDIS3) 
  • CD-ROM driver 
  • Sound driver for SoundBlaster 16 
  • Super VGA driver patch 
  • WQGHLT tool 
  • Y2K Update for File Manager 
  • Euro support 
 Using WinImage extract the CDROM folder and successively inject it in a new floppy disk image (.flp).

Mount the new floppy and run install.exe from the command line:

Just push the 'Enter' key and the installer will configure config.sys and autoexec.bat for you in a row (and will also create backup copies just in case).

Now shut-down the virtual machine and add a cd-rom drive:
Start the VM and run MSD to check that the new drive letter has been assigned:
Once you have installed the cd-rom drive, you can proceed to configure the mouse. To do so, download the driver file from here. Inject it in an image with WinImage, mount it in the VM and copy the file named to a folder which you named 'MOUSE' on c:\ drive.
Edit your autoexec.bat file and add this line to have the mouse driver loaded by default:
Upon restart, you should see the mouse loading:
Use MSD, edit or Qbasic programs to check that your mouse driver has been properly loaded.
In this next post I will show you how to configure networking. Stay tuned!

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