Monday, January 31, 2011

Server renaming day: notes from the field

Today I have renamed five Windows 2008 R2 production servers. There were two DFS-N servers and three Trend ServerProtect Antivirus 5.8 servers. These are my notes from the field, shoud someone ever need this information.
  • DFS-N: Distributed File Systems servers can be renamed without problems. The only action I had to perform on one of my two DFS-N servers was to remove all the existing namespaces and then rediscover them. The discovery is an easy process. Just right click the 'Namespaces' tag, select 'Add namespaces to display', select the server that contains your server-based namespaces, select them all and click ok. That's all. Pretty straightforward. The other DFS-N server automatically refreshed the view of the namespaces. I don't know to what the different behavior is due, since these servers are clones with identical parameters... 
  • Trend ServerProtect 5.8: the Trend antivirus servers (and scan servers for NetApp) renaming process was almost hassle-free. The two scan servers for NetApp automatically refreshed their parameters in the console and registered themselves with their new hostnames. On the contrary, the Trend Console server gave me some problems. In fact, while the Management Console kept running, the Trend client did not update its own record in the Console. No way to correct its parameters in the registry (these are hardcoded in a binary key in the registry). So I had to uninstall the Trend client from the Control Panel then re-add it again through the 'Install new SPNT' menu. 
In general, Windows 2008 R2 renaming is a very easy process. Happily enough, no corrections have to be manually made in the registry or anywhere else! So I survived this server renaming day! I hope these notes from the field will be helpful for someone.

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