Sunday, November 21, 2010

NetApp videos

Like most of the big companies nowaday, we are also implementing NetApp solutions side by side with other SAN technologies, due to its advantages, such as Volume Deduplication, Snapshots and thin provisioning. I am not a storage guru, so I have been wandering in the meanders of the net to find good resources about NetApp, and I luckily came into some quality videos by Alterkom that I would like to share with you here, just in case:

NetApp-1-N90X Deleting (Destroying) Volumes and Aggregates
NetApp-2-N90X Creating Aggregates
NetApp-3-N90X Creating Volumes
NetApp-4-N90X Configuring CIFS on NetApp
NetApp-5-N90X Configuring NetApp Virtual DIsk Storage in Xen Server
NetApp-6-N90X Configuring iSCSI on NetApp and Windows Servers

I suggest you watch them in this order and you'll learn a lot about NetApp configuration and behavior.


  1. great effort, thank you kindly for sharing these

  2. Great post! Get more NetApp Storage info at this site as well.


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