Thursday, August 5, 2010

Windows and SSH, so disappointing

Why none of the Windows operating systems come with a SSH Server? This is the question I am asking myself today. Even Windows 2008 R2 has no SSH support, which is very strange and disappointing because Secure Shell is a standard network protocol since 1995.

So, still today, the administrator is forced to fall back on open-source software such as OpenSSH, which is a very complicated solution for a quite simple task.

There are today many SSH Server options available for Windows Server 2008:

* OpenSSH
* Van Dyke – vShell 3.0 Server (commercial)
* FreeSSHd
* WinSSHd (commercial)
* Kpym Telnet/SSH Server

Some of them are easier to install and configure, but the level of integration with Windows stays very low.

FreeSSHd is to me the easiest solution at now. Some others are somewhat complicated to manage, such as OpenSSH.
You can find a good tutorial explaining how to setup remote administration of Windows Server Core with OpenSSH here.

Other useful links:
PuTTY Download Page
Stupid SSH Tricks: Some Essentials

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