Friday, July 30, 2010

Wanna earn money with blogs?

Today I decided to have a look at different possibilities to ad ads to my blog and see if I can earn a few bucks... so I went to my buddy Google and discovered that the main choice to make is to go for Adsense or not to go for Adsense. As far as I can understand, Adsense has improved a lot these years and ads publishsing has become a quite straightforward process anyone can apply to. The question now is, what are the other possibilites the ads market has to offer., because, as long as I can see, Adsense doesn't really bring a lot of money...

So, browsing a few blog, I found out that many webiste do offer ways and means of putting ads on a blog. Just to list the ones I found the most interesting, here's some links:

To me, Linkbucks is by far the most interesting solution, but you have to go through a quite complex (or confusing) procedure to understand what the different linkmuras, linkbb, linkwords mean... and I think it takes time to understand which proposition is better for your site. Furthermore you have to publish lot of code in your blog, whic can be difficult if you are enough skilled in jungling with html code, javascript and all that stuff....
So, shoud you feel baffled trying to understand linckbucks and trying to insert their code into your blogger page, be happy, you are not alone!
I will try these days to better understand the way it works and see if I can a decent enough article to mark for reviewing on SharedReviews or on Triond and will post again with a compared outcome of these solutions. If any.

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