Friday, July 30, 2010

Baidu vs Google

Today I have decided to compare Google and Baidu and to see if there is any cultural difference that can be spotted through the comparions of an American and A Chinese search engine.

The keywords I've choosen are: Unesco, Freedom, Peace, USA, China, Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Tibet, Free Tibet, Stop War, Iran, Afghanistan, Microsoft, Lukashenko, Leisure Travel, Sex, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Powershell

Here's the result:

For sake of democracy, I have searched every word on baidu in its English form and its translated Cantonese form.

The result are at first view quite stunning, as Google gives you much more addresses for any (but Jackie Chan!!) search keyword that its Chinese concurrent.

Furthermore, I have decided to put into account the enormous difference between people speaking English as a first language and people speaaking any form of Chinese as a first language.

These are the numbers, found on Wikipedia:
People speaking english as first language: 331 000 000
People speaking chinese as first language: 1 300 000 000

So one billion more people on earth speak Chinese as their first language!

This gives us a proportion Chinese/English of 3,9. If we take this into account, we see that Google brings you back much more result per person than Baidu in every field.

As a general analysis, we can see that Americans talk mainly about themselves (USA), about Sex, about China and don't really take into any account Soviet issues (Lukashenko), Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies and Freedom in Tibet.

Chinese instead talk about China and Microsoft the same number of times (50 millions), talk about Microsoft much more than they talk about Sex.... and prefer Jackie Chan's movies to Bruce Willis' ones!

Now the question is: why in China they talk so much about Microsoft? I have simply no idea.

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